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Dear Prospective Applicant: Thank you for expressing an interest in renting a property managed by Bruce Jay Associates. Be sure to complete all forms in detail, and remember to initial and/ or sign
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Hey there how you doing welcome we're going to be talking about the application to rent the landlord information sheet so this is when somebody basically has responded to your your message about the property that you've got available whoever you may be and this is what we fill in after that person has taken a look at the property and is interested so remember to always be courteous be kind be respectful and and and do your best to to point out the best parts of the area that you live in and and that the area is in and the things that you're doing to make it better all these things help with getting one of these applications filled out and getting a great tenant they want to know that things are moving forward so the address of the premises to be rented the house condo apartment number you of course are gonna fill that in the occupation date you fill in the applicants legal name you can take their drivers license and fill that out the what they like to go by and sometimes their name is not what they go by their birth information the social insurance number you don't need to actually put that there it's not applicable and unless we're doing a credit check on them and then that may be applicable and we do have a credit check process that we do go through so again we would most likely have them put their driver's license number the province territory issues the passport number is if if they don't have one that's fine as well make and model the automobiles so you know who's parking and where applicants residents where they're living right now the daytime number the cell number you're gonna fill this all out take the time to get to know these people this is part of the application process that's the part of the getting-to-know-you process so the number of adults occupying the residents legal names of the people there everyone that's going to be there every single person you have a right to give a breach of the agreement if a person just ends up living there and that can cause problems so be aware of that age of children total number of occupancy understand that smoking is not permitted or water beds are not permitted or all these things you know best and then of course pets and the occupancy and pets to occupants so this these are the pets there is a pet agreement as well and there is a pet rental as well and in some cases dogs may not be allowed or cats may not be allowed or fish may not be allow whatever it is if there's no pets allowed there's no pets allowed if there is pets allowed put the proper procedures and practices into place then in case of an emergency you can get all this information they may just fill it out for you there and then of course you signet sign it and you witness it and you're good to go so this here is the application to rent and make the process a nice pleasant process as I mentioned earlier what you're looking for is you're looking to build a long term relationship with these people you want them to feel secure and...